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DishyLooks is an online Try Room where members can form their own bodies using their own face and body measurements and try Clothing, Jewelry and many other accessories on their own bodies share with friends and get recommendations on their choices before buying an outfit from participating stores.

Dishylooks heavily rely on manual graphic designers to re-size, reshape different items uploaded by joining store members to match to different possible body shapes and sizes of potential members.

Dishylooks has added a section as DesignWorks to Dishylooks to utilize abilities of 100s of designers we employ for Dishylooks to perform Photo Retouching and Photo Editing jobs for Industries such as:

  • Photography
  • Retail
  • Products
  • Publishing
  • Stock Photo Companies etc.

Our Designers are mostly expert in Photoshop, Corel Draw, and In Design etc. As our designers are basically hired for Dishylooks, therefore they cost us too little to utilize them on DeisgnWorks when they are not too busy. This is one of the main reasons for Dishylooks to offer lowest rates possible for Photo Retouching and Editing services with great designing abilities.

Great offering such as:

  • US$ 10.00 will be Awarded as Sign Up Bonus
  • You pay after you see your work
  • Ability to upload sample files for desired outputs with a set of instructions
  • 48 hour Turn Around
  • Source files are yours to keep
  • Unlimited free revisions

Provide our potential customers a more confident approach to see what DesignWorks can do to make their day to day activities more focused on their actual jobs.

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